Some issues and ranty nonsense from Duzz

So it feels like it's been years since I made a thread and I miss it. Miss basil love you boo boo.

Anyway yeah quotes and likes work weirdly now. I wish they was a designated page to view your likes and stuff. Same with quotes. Still haven't really 'approved' of the new Basil site, but I guess we're way past that at this point because it's been more than half a year.

I've come to a point where visiting this site has become manageable in a sense, but I really respected old basil and how clean/accessible it was.

Maybe a mental thing for me personally, but I just can't get comfortable posting regularly anymore. Some of you might remember how active I was before and have seen that I'm not incredibly active here (besides maybe the story section). It kinda breaks my heart to see the same threads on the front page for days. I don't want this site to die because I've grown attached over the last 9ish years I've been here.

idk. im just throwing crap out there to start some discussion. none of these thoughts are really collected. what do you guys think?

(oh yeah and fix the polls already gaddamn!)

March 22, 2016

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people turned to using memes in every thread, recycled jokes from other websites and nobody told them to stop. so it continued to get worse and worse

Reply March 28, 2016

I'm impressed Mr B continues to update this site after so long. He probably isn't interested in Maple anymore (it's been 10 years so no surprise there), yet Basil is still up and running.

Looking back, there were times when I enjoyed these forums more than Maple itself. I miss the activity.

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I do agree that the previous basil market was superior in every way. PapaBless.

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there are like only three guys that make threads

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@audio: I guess that's pretty much what it comes down to. As Maple dies, so will its fansites. Kind of a shame. I wish there was a way to increase the userbase.

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i feel pretty much the same way, but as much as we might criticise the new site layout/format (sometimes deservedly), the real thing that's keeping basil down is just a plain lack of users

hell there were times in the past when the site definitely wasn't pretty, but we were still getting at least 2 pages of new threads per day in chat island alone. maplestory is making no efforts to entice new players and so as a result basilmarket is gaining fewer and fewer new users, while the older ones grow up and leave (for the most part). it's a pretty textbook case of user decay, only a matter of time until the site is dead ;_;

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