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Mabinogi - Ninja Mabinogi players of basilmarket, what are your (current) thoughts on this skillset? - a teaser video - what I assume is the default female ninja wear - normal attack (ranged) - a skill called "Midare-Kunai" - a skill called "Kage-Shibari" - an attack released through using a certain skill while in a "stealth" skill ---A huge AoE skill able to be charged for 15 seconds--- ---A huge AoE skill able to be charged for 15 seconds--- *All image credits belong to "nana" of mabination forums *It got released or is going to be released in overseas servers today. There are currently no gameplay videos The stats that influence this skillset are strength and will


Latale season 2 - the storm Hello members of basilmarket, I was curious if members of this website are currently playing or coming back to it since the "storm" update (which is basically latales big bang, and has finally been applied to the official servers after an unnecessarily long delay). I have been thinking of playing this game since maplestory has gotten to the point of infinite repetition so I have been contemplating playing latale. I am making this thread to see the community opinion of this game, and how many people from here play it.


Warning - Fake Mystery Mastery Books I'm not sure how long these have been in play or where they even come from, but a couple friends have alerted me about fake mystery mastery books that can't be opened. This one guy in bera has an entire store full of them. This might be happening in other worlds as well, or even in bera for way longer. I haven't a clue. They don't stack with normal MMBS and there's pretty much no way to tell them apart as far as I can tell. Upon attempting to open these "fake" mystery mastery books, it will tell you your use inventory is full. If anyone else has additional information such as origin, it would be nice to add to thread, or if this has been an on-going and obvious problem inform me so I can close


Promixed - Possible scammer, attempting to impersonate me Hello basilmarket. I don't make threads very much but this is a friendly reminder to not trust anyone who claims to be me, proxied is my only character, and I hardly vouch for anyone. They also copied parts of my NX. Youtube user SuperMarioBrosYoshi sent me a private message stating that this person promixed is attempting to impersonate me, and usually people who attempt this kind of thing also attempt to scam. A friend of mine chat invited them, and then chat invited me. Here are the results (For proof)

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