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Hot Time scroll service viable still? Old player here, and just peeking in MS to see if its still fun to me. I'm broke af right now, so I need money and i remembered having a bunch of hot time scrolls and was wondering if those are still viable for selling. Viable meaning people would be willing to buy it and it is worth selling. Off the top of my head, I got 50% CoG 50% 5* EE with 50% boom rate? ( i dont remember about the boom rate exactly) 100% or 80% epic pot scrolls ( think its 100%) 100% golden stamp ( the one that adds 1 line of bonus pot) 100% innocence? Then if the storage glitch still works ( expired items in storage work for a couple secs after being withdrawn) then I can offer 50% unique pot protection scroll shield scroll Just

General Firepoisonarchmage

Struggling with hard gollux as f/p any advice? Hi, I'm a lv 200 f/p trying to kill hard mode gollux, but having trouble with it. I feel as if I'm doing everything right, but keep getting screwed over by RNG, especially in phase 2. I kill the abs as part of the 1 body part requirement for hard mode. Before entering, I buff up, use elemental decrease, use extreme blue and green pots + wisdom elixer, and decent CO, along with ifrit, infinity and epic adventurer I'm doing just fine in phase 1, bobbing and weaving the arms and breath attacks, as well as keeping the baby stone summons away from the mouth. However, all hell breaks loose in phase 2. Sometimes, i die instantly without anything hitting me or the 5 summons hitting the middle portion.

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How are phantoms defenses? Haven't really played my phantom after getting him to lv 120, and now that i hit lv 200 on my f/p, i figured id start a co-main. It's between bishop, phantom, WH, shad, and BaM. all of them are at least lv 100 but i havent really played them in a long time. Anyways, one of the things i'm looking for in a co-main is how tanky they are, because i'm not trying to die in 2-3 hits of 8k dmg. Can they take hits? cause i heard from someone that they are the most fragile of all theives


5 crit better than 4.2k range? Just got the zero crit ring for my f/p, which means I'll replace either my adventurer magical ring or my unleashed ring and was wondering which would be better to replace? keep in mind I can stack both the adventurer and the zero ring so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm a lv 200 f/p btw Unleashed ring: 6 int, 9 luk, 6 m. att 3L rare pot: 3% int Adds 4.2k range if I replace the adventurer magical ring Adventurer magical ring: 100 hp, 180 mp, 5 m. att, 5% crit, 20% crit min damage, 45% total crit min damage as a f/p Zero gratias ring: 3/3/3/3, 300 hp/mp, 3 m. att 15% crit, 5% crit min damage Crit % before no adventurer nor zero rings: 68%, 25% crit min damage Crit % with adventurer: 73%, 45% crit min damage Crit


Red or Black cubes? So I'm desperately trying to get decent SI on my empress mage gloves, but after 50+ meister cubes, no luck. I've managed to get 9% int + 3% all stat for now, unique pot With the amount of maple points I have spread among 13 accounts, I can either get: 1: 24 red cubes + 1 black cube or 2: 13 black cubes Which would be better to try to get decent SI? Or would some other combination be better? If it matters, I can get top 50 dojo gloves without them equipped

General Firepoisonarchmage

What bosses could I solo? Post-Red range So I feel like I'm pretty much done upgrading my mage without deviating from my studies. If only I had more time available to merch, but oh well. Anyways, the question is what bosses could I solo with a 177.5k~186.9k range self buffed, 219k~230k range w/arcane aim? Here's some more stats if they matter: 63% crit rate, 90% boss, 78% ignore def, also got a +2 sec i-frame neb if that matters as well EDIT: lv 191 btw, haha

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