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Question about my comp floppy disk error and hard drive So my big comp.(the old version desktop with like the big boy screen and a huge main engine thingy.) so i bought a new hard drive... I decided to take it out from my garage and attempt to fix it. so long time ago, i heard noises making from the hard drive. then it breaks. like everytime i start up the comp, it just like makes a creaking noise and it restarts the comp. But on the main screen, it says" floppy disk fail." I mean, i dont have any floppy disk drive in my comp. like the component. The floppy disk part is empty, it's not even connected, but i know it's the hard drive problem. so i bought a new hard drive and plug it in, it's still the same problem. it still displays


so i sent nexon this ticket. do u think they will unban my account? Ticket Description Game Selection: MapleStory Category: Game Related (MapleStory) Sub-Category: Ban or Suspension Appeals Summary: My account got randomly banned. Character Name: EpicFailDS Server Name: Scania Details: Dear Nexon, I understand you guys are working hard constantly and always serving the the players of Maplestory the best of your ability. I my self have been playing Maplestory since when the Pirates class first started in the GMS. I absolutely loved this game from that time. So couple weeks ago, I submitted a ticket about how my account got randomly perm banned due to afk in the Resistence head quarters. I already sent you guys a ticket, but it says that it g

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