High replayable games?

Do you guys know any 3DS games that I can repeat over and over again but with a different experience every time? ?


Torchlight II


Except Pokemon.

September 6, 2014

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Waifu emblem. I've played it at least 7 times with different marriages and classes.

Reply September 14, 2014

* Fire Emblem has different support logs depending on the relationships you choose. The male and female avatars have different supports. Try the hardest difficulty too, you'll be playing the game for days.
* Bravely Default has a lot of events in the game, I don't know if there are different ending because I never made it to the last boss. I spent most of my time collecting vampire skills which is really addicting.

I don't know how the Persona Q game is but I already pre-ordered it. Persona 4 had like a gazillion endings so this game probably has a lot since it features 2 of the Persona game characters in one.

Reply September 13, 2014

Kid Icarus Uprising! The multiplayer is fun and addicting once you understand how to play. The controls are like Metroid Prime hunters on the nintendo Ds (if you have ever played that) You can create your own weapons with the stats you want it's time consuming but interesting to me. If you get bored of the multiplayer you can always check out miiverse and see if you can get into a clan, or play against someone who has nice weapons.

Reply September 10, 2014

Buy an R4i 3DS card. Sure, it's 3rd party but you can play any DS game you want at full speed and can even back up saves and stuff like that so you can have multiple 4th/5th gen pokemon save files. But yeah wait for smash bros to come out and I'm sure you'll have quite a bit of replayability with it, the controls felt adequate enough at PAX Prime,

Reply September 7, 2014

[quote=00Kage]Bravely default, rune factory 4[/quote]
maan, bravely default is just so unplayable chapters 5-8, or w/e
you know what i mean

Reply September 7, 2014

i guess the latest monster hunter fits your definition since i always see my friend play that game. there's also fire emblem awakening. in your first playrun, you can do whatever you want while in the following playrun you can make everything be perfect. as in trying to make the characters as strong as possible for certain maps. and then there's the smash bros thats coming out later this fall.

Reply September 7, 2014

Kid Icarus

Reply September 7, 2014

Of the games I have...
Not Luigi's Mansion.
Not Super Mario 3D Land.
Monster Hunter 3 kinda is.

Reply September 7, 2014

Fire Emblem Awakening is the only 3ds game I played more than once

Reply September 7, 2014

Bravely default, rune factory 4

Reply September 7, 2014

Pokemon games.

Reply September 7, 2014

that new leaf game or the pokemon games maybe....

Reply September 6, 2014

[quote=SirKibbleX2]Skyrim is on the 3DS?
I haven't heard of this from the press.[/quote]

There isn't, they're for the PC, but I gave those examples, because they're the type of game I'm looking for, but for the 3DS.

Reply September 6, 2014