is this legit? after i finished doing the mesorangers event thing on my priest i noticed a person with the dojo effect on their character i was pretty impressed and decided to look at their godly gear. To my surprise i found this. i was wondering if that is even possible. The guy doesn't even look all that funded and even if he was what about the level requirement to equip the item? I'm not accusing anyone of anything i just want to know if this is possible under normal/cash shop circumstances.

General Luminous

Lumi range compared to other classes? Recently when i was speaking with some friends they said that comparing range from 1 class to another isn't that great because some classes get range easier than others. I was wondering how easy/difficult it was to get range on a lumi and how it would compare to different classes if they were both at the same range. Basically im asking if i would hit more or less than another class if we were to have the same range. Just wondering. Ty for any responses

General Kaiser

how much money would it it take to get to 100k range buffed Yea i recently got my kaiser account back (lvl 173) and i was wondering how much money it would take to get him to get at least 100k range buffed. Currently the only good things he has on him are specs(clean and average stats) that have epic potential (bad 3L) and as bonus pot it has +6ATT. The other two things it has are evo ring II lvl 17 and evo ring III lvl10 Also if you could write a list of anything that i need to buy with an estimated price range for that item it would be appreciated Keep in mind that I am not looking to be a maple god. I'm just looking to make my kaiser not have terrible damage. All help is appreciated

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