General Firepoisonarchmage

New F/p Questions Alright so i just started a f/p since the only mage i ever played was a lumi and plus i usually only ever have played thieves and warriors. So i have a few questions regarding the class. 1. I use to watch f/p videos and i forgot who said this but they don't use Ignite at all because it messes them up when bossing. So has this changed and could someone give me a skill build for the rest of the job advancements so i dont mess up my character in the future when bossing. 2. So what kind of range, pdr, boss and stuff would i need for some of the end game bosses such as Hard and Hell gollux and Hard magnus. (Not exact numbers just a guess for those that can do these bosses easily) 3. Is there anything specific i would need to kn

General Dualblade

Questions for the pro db players Alright so im now going to go back to Db and now i have some questions for the pros. So yeah my questions are... 1. What should i go for when cubing my katara, dagger, badge, and emblem i know %atk but is there anything else? 2. For other pieces of gear do i just go for %luk or something else? 3. I know the tskiyomi katara has one more slot then sweeth2o katara so should i go for it or sweeth20?(please explain for this) 4. How much range would you need to 1-2 hit at sdh and fdh? 5. Are there decent skills that i DEFINITELY would need? 6. How much pdr, boss, min and max crit would i need to cvellum?

General Icelightningarchmage

Making an I/l Mage? Alright so for a while since I became a non-scrub, I've been thinking about making a Mage. Now I've seen videos and each of the 3 explorer mages and Ice/Lightning Mage really caught my attention. But now I don't know anything really about them. So to all the people that have played I/L Mage and have done most bosses in the game and have hypers, what are some stuff that make it fun for you to play? Also what really stands out from different classes like a certain abilities that is one of the best in the game if the class has one. Thanks for your time.

General Phantom

What to do now? So recently i got my phantom to 200 during the last 2x session that occurred. Currently unbuffed, i have 47k-52k range, 65% crit rate, 69% boss, 40% ignore defense(pdr right?), 3% status resistance, 35% min crit and 50% max crit. Buffed, i have 124k-138k range, 85% crit rate, (same %boss), 58% ignore defense, 48% status resistance, 35 min crit and 80% max crit. Now cubing wise, what should i go for for cubing? By this i mean which item should i cube in order and what should i get on them because i've gotten different answers on what i should cube in order and what i should get on them. I want to reach 2m-2m even though your damage is based on stats. Also what type of percents do i need to solo bosses such as all chaos root a

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