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Nervous driving Hello basil. So i drive just fine when i'm alone but when I drive with friends, I get really nervous and scared. All I think about is how I might get in an accident and kill them. It's like their life is in my hands and I don't want anything to hurt them. I especially don't want to be responsible for causing them pain or their families pain. How do i get over this? I drove friends a couple times but this always happens every time I drive them. Have you guys experienced this? Any advice and help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Parents keep forcing me to drive Hello everyone. So this has been bugging me for a while now but my dad keep forcing me to drive. Like wherever we go, he will tell me to drive all the time. I don't know why he does this. I have my license, im 17, and i have been driving for a long time now so it's not like i need the practice. I can drive just fine. I just don't feel like driving all the time but if i tell him i dont want to, he yells and gets upset and ruins whatever plans we had by being a little cry baby. What can i do to make him stop forcing me to drive?

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