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issues with connecting to wi-fi my windows 8 laptop hasn't been able to connect to the internet at all since the latest windows update (the update was downloaded in the 8th, but i assume it was released about 2 days earlier). i'm pretty sure it's been caused by the update seeing as the only way I've found to make the internet work normally is by using system restore to restore it to before the update was installed. furthermore, the second time this has happened (yesterday, 16 july) was after a computer restart, during which I assume the update I deleted by using system restore was reinstalled. i already plan to turn off windows updates completely from now on, but I wanted to know if there are any ways to fix it just in case it wasn't caused

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why is it that whenever someone in a movement for equality for an underprivileged group (anti racism groups, feminist groups, groups for trans rights etc) says something that implies anything that vaguely sounds like they were saying the underprivileged group is ""better"" the privileged people lose it like the whole jared leto thing with people commenting about how it was bad to put a male-identifying actor as a trans woman even though there are trans women working as actors and cis people acting like they were implying that trans people are better than cis people just because they thought you shouldn't put a man in a dress to play a woman


About the Heartbleed bug A majority of people here probably heard about the Heartbleed bug, be it through news, the Nexon website, friends, social networks etc. Most people out there seem to be misinformed in some aspects of the bug, so I decided to make a thread to clarify everything. If you wish to read it, there's a whole page dedicated to clarifying everything about the bug [url=http://heartbleed.com/]here[/url]; this is just the shortened version. [header]What is Heartbleed?[/header] Heartbleed is a flaw on OpenSSL, which is the cryptographic software used to encode things like login info all over the world. In basic terms, the bug lets anyone connected to the Internet to get access to the OpenSSL database without leaving traces of ent

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