Help me level my Megaman Knock off please Xenon third job is like no other hell imaginable. I'm looking for any other possible alternative to grinding and party quests to level my Xenon to 100, even if it's not as fast. Both Friend Story and Black Heaven are entertaining from what I've gathered from the few quests I've done on other characters, but are they good for leveling? If not what else can I possibly do to help me survive Xenon 3rd job? He's been 85 for a year now, would at least like to give my Megaman Knock-off his last job advancement and not leave him hanging like a certain other gaming company.

General Chat

Recommend an android phone Yeah okay it's one of these threads. My iPhone 5 is crapping out battery-wise and I personally think the iPhone 6 is ugly af. I love the stability of apple products. I've owned quite a few android phones in the past, but the one that came closest to iPhone's stability and fluidness was the Galaxy s2 Skyrocket. (Basically what you would call the iPhone of the Galaxy S2's.) The rest crapped out on me literally less than a year after using them. I want a cheap, and [b]smal-ish[/b] sized Android phone that won't crap out. I know the Moto G is probably the best option but I don't know if there are any alternatives or not. I don't want to necessarily "downgrade" from my iphone if you get what I'm saying. EDIT:

General Blazewizard

Will you guys be sticking around after the nerf hits? I'm just wondering. I love Blaze Wizard so much more than my F/P but everyone is saying the nerf is horrible. (It really doesn't seem that bad to me though. I mean Orbital Flame is the only thing that gets nerfed, but I know nothing when it comes to damage in stuff.) I mean, I've played weak classes before. I stuck to my pre-revamp Jett FOREVER so I don't think it'll be that bad. What do you guys think about the nerf?

General Zero

What did you guys do once you hit 180 and left mirror world I'm kind of at a loss on what do on my Zero. This is my highest level character, I've had it since release, and I am just struggling to find stuff that's entertaining. I've been doing some weaker bosses for fun but that's just about it. Are there any good theme dungeons/questlines? Is Kritias or whatever its called interesting? Or are there any extra story tidbits besides the Arkharium fight? (My range isn't even close to touching him unfortunately.) What did you guys do/are currently doing?

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