Whats's Your Range?

I was just curious what everyone's range was, if they are happy with it, and if they plan to increase it or not.
Here's My range
I'm happy with it. I do plan to increase it, but I don't buy tons of nx so it increases at a fairly slow rate lol. I am currently trying to get a superior gollux ring, so when i do get that my range should be higher.

July 8, 2016

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like 500k or so on my Kinesis
i actually screwed up my gollux stuff so uhhhhhhhhhhh

Reply July 16, 2016

2-2 clean for me. I jave about 14.1k STR with MW going.

Reply July 16, 2016

i have only 180k unbuffed on my Aran, i dont understand how u guys get to 1m, no one truly taught me how to scroll stuff and every time i have a question about it it seems no one really knows either BUT least i can solo most bosses except chaos

Reply July 15, 2016

I am honestly surprised this had more that 2 pages

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@imaclubyou: Have you farmed any of the heroes coins for the event? You can get icogs and scroll your Cra equips for Atk and some stat. Once you complete the equip and star force to at least 12-13 stars, you should be good. Your range will def. increase because of the % STR.

Reply July 15, 2016

0~0 real bishops have no range.

Reply July 15, 2016

Can't post a pic right now because I'm at work but I'm 1.1m-1.2m clean. With Max buffs I can reach 1.5m.

Atm, I plan to raise it. My most flawed equips right now are pretty much my cra set which are unique potential and have good str% but they are clean besides that.

Reply July 15, 2016

I am a Xenon. I have about 8K STR/7.5K Dex and 13K LUK. My window says 2m-2m and I have 37% ATT in potential lines. Not sure what the range is. I'll have to use a calc. On normal mobs BD hits avg. 22-25M and shadow hits like 25% less. I do plan on raising my range to cap BD on bosses. Looks like I just need to get ATT in Bpot and get more lines of Boss/PDR. I think I need boss in my inner too since I'm using a Terminus.

But I am happy with my range. I train at 204 at BHD and I do miss O_O but its ez game to train there. but I like playing many classes. Range is something I goaled. But I like creating characters overall.

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berry high

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not enough- need more
@whatisakelly: lul, dang we got the same goal >:

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@ashleyattacked: nah you trash until u lose that damage cap :^)

@masterobert: you sure it's that low? If you're around 3.5 clean your buffed ahould be over 7, since fc and surge is already 120%. Even if they don't show anymore it's still part of your range.

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300k buffed, still a long way to go

Reply July 15, 2016

1.56m clean 1.67m buffed (no soul or hypers/decent skills)

Reply July 15, 2016

600k clean , 7k int.

Reply July 14, 2016

More than 2m2m.

My goal is to cap on cvell, which is extremely hard for a mercedes. ;~;

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Very very low

Reply July 14, 2016

1.6m~1.8m I think... A NL though

Reply July 14, 2016

Heads up for everyone:

I'm stronger than you.

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4.4~4.8m buffed range
I'm satisfied with it, and taking my time with upgrading my current equipment.

By the way, the want to be stronger never stops!
You can use this to calculate your range:

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520k been merching a lot hoping to increase to 600k very soon.
Im satisfied as most bosses I can do with friends around my range, no need for a solo. (Although it would be nice)

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Unbuffed 1m, buffed 1.5m

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Unbuffed 800k right now. Fully buffed with link skills and all I can reach about 1.1m. Though, I'm gonna get it higher soon!

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2m-2m aran no clown.

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liek 12mil?

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this char is gonna be 1 year old soon and im only at 850k buffed atm

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scania: 3m, 6m burst - shade
reboot: 1.4m - phantom

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On Reboot on my Evan I'm currently 230k range, definitely planning on boosting that.

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I am like 200k unbuffed, but can reach a burst of 500k uber buff. I average around 300k buffed when training. The micromanaging is real.

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This char. is 6 years old and just broke 450k buffed. I play maple in bursts, I play 1-2 months then I leave for a year or so, I've been doing this since '06. I wonder where I'd be had I been more regular. Last year's anniversary was so grindy that I just couldn't force myself through that.

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Been playing on my Battle Mage since release (2010), range slowly creeped up with events/luck. I was around 300k buffed awhile ago, but finished scrolling my staff and at around 400k buffed. I'm pretty happy with it, I'm not a very serious player but I'll do events to keep going up casually.

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I believe most comments are going to be 2m2m, or close to that. Lots of players here on basil aren't new to this game... And that's an understatement.

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Right now only 192k buffed. But who cares, because most of you can't even scratch my twin brother in hard mode anyways...

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@pandasheepboy: yesss who needs range when you can kill it with cuteness

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Over 1 mil.

I'd be happier at 1.5 to more easily take on CRA for friends and guildies, but my goal was to be over 500k so I wouldn't mind if my progress was stopped for any reason.

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276k-306k buffed

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This is just with dsi and attack mode on to show the 100%crit.

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Everyone has a range at like 1m+ and im over here with 150k unbuffed...

Perm nx for life

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About 1.7m, gonna be 2m clean soon.

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self-buffed, 1.9~2m. 11k INT.

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Less than 900k, use to be more than 1.2m.

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Shrug, 2m2m clean, not gonna do the math to find out actual range.

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isnt everyone 2m-2m at this point?

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I've been done raising it for lord knows how long now
bless y'all who get past 1.2m

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