Assume damage does not matter So whenever people pick a class or ask people for their favorite class, it always ends up being "Pick whatever's fun and don't play for damage." But let's face it; damage really plays a big part in determining how fun a class is. You naturally get turned off the class if they can't kill mobs at a reliable pace because they're so weak, or you realize you're going to have to pour everything into it to stand a chance at bosses. So, let's assume that every class deals fantastic damage for you, whether that's 500k a line or 50m a line, they aren't squishy and don't burn through MP a whole lot. [b]What was the most fun for you?[/b] Probably is the class you're playing now, may not be. Honestly I loved Dual


Mr. Lees Airlines Training Guide [b]1) Don't do a single quest[/b] 2) Kill things 2b) If performed correctly, step 2 should net you a ton of EXP 2c) If performed incorrectly, step 2 should bring you to step 4 [b]3) Don't do a single quest[/b] 4) Commit suicide to leave, return using the Event Hall [b]5) Seriously, don't do the quests if you like EXP[/b] 6) Enjoy your not-hard-earned levels [header][b]tl;dr version[/b][/header] [b]1) NO DO QUEST[/b] 2) KILL THINGS NOOB 3) U DO QUESTS U R SCRUB [b]4) I SAID NO QUESTS[/b] 5) COMMIT SUDOKU 2 LEAVE NOOB 6) dun do quests srs 7) EVENT HALL IF YOU LEFT LIKE A NOOB [header][b]FAQ[/b][/header] [Insert question here] [b]No, seriously don't do any quests.[/b] Was able to get from 30 - 60 on my Blaze Wi

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Parties are overrated Went to a party today, and it was dreadfully boring. There was admittedly decent food, music, dancing, and people I knew; but the whole experience was just a huge drag. There were no events, games, no alcohol or drugs (These are rather straight-arrow people), or anything of that sort. I mostly just sat around the table making conversation with some friends, talking over the loud music. The most fun part was when we decided to ditch and wander aimlessly in the woods. There was a dead possum. We poked it with a stick and went back. At least now I know why people drink a ton at parties. All that loud music and dancing must seem a lot more fun when drunk. Small get-together with close friends are heaps more fun and enterta

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