General Xenon

Range problems I've heard that Xenon's total damage is about 300% from skills and passives. So what exactly are the skills and buffs that give Xenon total damage? I am asking this because my range is slightly worrying me since I've done some digging and found out Xenon needs about 6m range to cap Snipe on CVellum. At the moment I am basically over half way point in funding my character and my range is only slightly over 1m clean. Fully self buffed only gives me about 100-200k more range. Currently I am only level 161. Unsure if that makes a huge difference. My equips are all 9%-15% all stats excluding the 4% nebs I've put on them. I've got 55% ATK and Prime scrolled Weapon. I think I am at about 230% Boss after completing Superior Gollux se

General Shadower

Dragon Khanjar Questions I've been trying to look for a Dkhanjar for a while now, and I was just wondering how much are clean ones in Bera? I've came across a fairly well scrolled and cubed one with a 34 atk no slots, and 15% Luk. The seller was looking for around 4b, and C/O is 3.1b. Is this Dkhanjar worth 4b? Ever since the new potential system came out for shields, isn't % Luk not that great anymore? I've seen them with boss damage and whatnot. Is it worth buying a Dkhanjar that still has % LuK as potential these days?

General Thief

Raven Horn Shoulders So, I've been looking around in the Fm in Bera for about 2 weeks now. The Empress Shoulders are usually from 450m-1b range. However, thief shoulder does not exsist in the FM whatsoever. On the odd time when I do find one, they are either 1.5b or higher. My question is, why are Raven Horn shoulders so rare and expensive compared to the other classes. Is this only because of Dual blades or does it have anything to do with the up coming xenon? Str was the most expensive in the Fm for months, however Luk and thief stuff randomly rose up in price. Does the shoulder have same drop rate across all classes? Also, for the anniversary event does the boxes give empress weapons and shoulders? Thanks in advance.

General Shadower

About meso explosion Hey guy, I am new to shadower and was just wondering how meso explosion works. First of all it doesn't seem to hit crit, but I saw a couple threads stating that it does. Can someone please confirm this? In the meso explosion description it said that it hit 15 times per cast, but when I used it on zakum, it seems to only hit about 8 lines. Lastly, does shadow partner work with meso explosion? If so, does that mean shadowers can hit 30 times with each cast? XD Thanks in advance.

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